Benefits of Directory Websites

After understanding the explanation and types of website directories, the next step is to find out the main benefits if the site is displayed in one of the categories. There are at least four things that site owners need to study carefully.

Many website directories provide more relevant local information. For example, someone who lives in Surabaya is looking for a catering site that matches their domicile. Visiting the directory is much more accurate than using a global search engine service. Local directories are far more profitable in finding potential customers according to their domicile.

Search engines generally accept all sites and article pages regardless of quality, this has an impact on presenting information that is sometimes inaccurate. Meanwhile, website directories don’t just accept websites, let alone all of them are reviewed manually.

Don’t expect low quality and poor content sites to be well received, this action is deliberately done in order to maintain comfort and build directory visitor loyalty. So there’s no need to hesitate to include website directories as part of site promotion.

Website directories are more suitable as a place to get quality backlinks. Not all free sites are accepted without manual review, even some directories receive high ratings from Google. The more quality directories register and receive, the bigger the impact on SEO and SERP improvement.

It must be admitted that traffic sources from search engines are sometimes of less quality than directories, but the search volume is much higher. Therefore, try to balance the roles of both.

Traffic coming from directories is far more qualified than search engines, this clearly provides unexpected benefits. Sales ratios tend to be better than search engines. Why is that? Visitors choose to come to the site according to the category and description posted on the website directory, unlike visitors who come from search engines to check what is being offered.

Example of a Directory Website

After discussing what a website directory is, its types and benefits, next is an example of a website directory. Talking about website directories, several big names are no longer active and some are still running today. As quoted from the Wikipedia page, there are at least seven popular directories that still survive, namely: DMOZ, JoeAnt, World Wide Web Virtual Library (VLIB), Hotfrog, and Starting Point Directory.

Meanwhile, there are several big names that were forced to be inactive for certain reasons, such as, Biographicon, LookSmart, Internet Public Library, Yahoo! Directory and Google Directory. The last name, Google Directory, is often considered a copy of DMOZ but also displays the PageRank of all sites listed in the category.

Even though some legendary big names choose to be inactive for an indefinite period of time (maybe forever) it doesn’t mean that website directories have lost their strength in boosting SERPs and traffic. We recommend that you consider planting backlinks on all directories without forgetting about quality.
List of Directory Websites

In an effort to stay relevant, many website directories have switched from basic listings to detailed review sites. We could include many more on this list, such as Jasmine Directory, Aviva Directory, and Bloggapedia, but based on their current traffic numbers, we’re not sure they’re worth another try.

Below is a list of website directories that still have value in 2022. Unless otherwise stated, all traffic forecasts were taken from as of December 2018. Also, with the exception of BOTW, Yahoo, and BBB, all of these web directories provide free registration.

1. Best of the Web

Since 1994, Best of the Web (or BOTW for short) is still the most trusted online directory used by more than 16 million websites.

Best of the web receives 70,000 – 90,000 visits per month, with 43 percent of traffic based in the United States.

A lifetime listing (with a followed link) costs $299.
Web URL address :

2. AboutUs

Originally set up as a business domain directory, AboutUs now allows all types of websites to be submitted and discussed.

The site receives an average of 150,000 monthly visitors.
Web URL address :


Spoke is an online community for finding and discussing businesses, companies, news, and more.

In Spoke, you can add a web listing for a business or a person. It receives more than 80,000 monthly visitors.
Web URL address :

4. Blogarama

Blogarama features over 143,000 blog listings which are actively updated by site admins.