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A Very Neat Layout of Wild Walker Slots Graphics

A Very Neat Layout of Wild Walker Slots Graphics

A Very Neat Layout of Wild Walker Slots Graphics

Hordes of creepy-looking zombies animate the theme of the Wild Walker slot machine, ready to attack, amidst apocalyptic scenery and gas masks, the game’s characters. The game system of this slot game provides 5 reels with 25 bet lines, a prize per combination that can reach 100,000 coins, a free spin bonus that gives players up to 8 free spins, and a wild symbol associated with the usual joker symbol function, which is always present during the game and covers one of the randomly selected reels in each game. A macabre theme is provided by the Wild Walker slots games machine that takes players to a post-apocalyptic world where, after the appearance of a deadly virus, humanity is on the verge of extinction as it has to deal with hordes of hideous-looking zombies. The graphical layout of this slot game is very neat and features a scenario with destroyed buildings and fires everywhere, characters with guns and gas masks trying to survive such a scenario, and animations that see zombies moving far and wide across the screen in search of survivors. As far as the slot game play system is concerned, this slot game consists of five reels with 25 always-active bet lines, which players can use to create winning combinations and activate bonus symbols and functions. To create a winning combination, for example, you need to draw three or more identical symbols on positions that are all on one bet line and on adjacent reels, starting from the first one on the left.
Free online slots games are available in all the top digital casino industries and can be accessed around the clock every day to give fans a great gaming experience. 

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These slot games can be tried first in the demo version, practicing and playing without the use of real money; this way, novice players can fully understand how the chosen online slot games work and can eventually decide to start a slot session for real money. However, it should always be remembered that this is only possible on ADM-certified virtual casino platforms, i.e., platforms that have the necessary legal certification to operate freely in Italy. This license confirms that the online site is truly trustworthy and provides full security to players during all games played. Among them, one of the most popular within the digital casino is Wild Walker, produced by Pragmatic Play. For all fans of the TV series “The Walking Dead”, this free online slot machine is definitely for you, as it is dominated by the presence of zombies that resemble the protagonists of the series. In particular, Wild Walker features a classic game grid consisting of five reels, three rows, and twenty-five fixed paylines, i.e., it cannot be selected by the player according to his preferences. Winning combinations are obtained by overlaying three or more identical symbols, but only from left to right, and can result in very high wins.


What are the main symbols of Wild Walker Slots?

As in every free online slot game, there are symbols that have a higher value and symbols that have a lower value. Here, we can also make a selection of the main symbols in the game, starting from those with a lower value: the playing card symbols A, K, Q, and J; two test tubes containing an unknown potion; a gun; and finally, two women and two men. In addition to the classic symbols just mentioned, the Wild symbol, represented by zombies stacked all over the reels, and the Scatter symbol, represented by a skull with the word “bonus,”, are also very important. The first symbol has the function of replacing other symbols to create more winning combinations and increase the winning potential; the second symbol activates the bonus function when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. During the bonus feature, three scatter symbols at once unlock the reels and award players with new wild symbols, which can provide tremendous wins. Wild Walker slot games are available on all the top online casino platforms that offer the best no-deposit welcome bonuses on the market.


Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol of the Wild Walker slot machine depicts a creepy-looking zombie ready to catch unlucky players and can be used by players to create winning combinations or as a wild symbol. When drawn in at least three aligned positions on the reels, this symbol creates winning combinations associated with prizes of up to 1,500 coins. This symbol is also always present on the reels during the game and occupies the entire randomly selected reel in each game.



The free spin function of the Wild Walker slot games on judisgp can be activated with at least 3 scatter symbols with gas masks and big bonus inscriptions on the reels, and it rewards players with 8 free spins. After the bonus is activated, three more game reels appear on the screen, but they are initially locked. Players can unlock one extra reel at a time by drawing three bonus symbols during the free games. Each activated extra reel gives the player two additional bonus rounds and adds an extended wild symbol to one of the reels. This bonus has a total of four levels that can be activated by unlocking various extra reels. Level one is the initial level, with all extra reels locked and only one wild reel per spin. Level two has only one extra unlocked reel and two wild reels, and so on up to level 4.


Account Registration

Especially for account registration so that you can play Wild Walker slot games, you can fill in the registration section, and the data that must be filled in must match your personal data.


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