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Candy Blitz Slot is now playing well, cheap bet can be maxwin

Candy Blitz Slot

Candy Blitz Slot is indeed very interesting to play, this review that many top-level players talk about promises as if maxwin is easy. Indeed, this game from pragmatic play includes a unique game with a predecessor almost similar to sweet bonanza. But the difference is that multiplication with the additional feature of line multipliers in free spins makes this slot game sell well.

Candy Blitz Slot RTP, Details and Game Review

It is possible to find out more about this by clicking here. So at least to be able to be a winning symbol there must be a number of 8 pieces, with additional games there are many features that are known as the completeness of the best online slot games today! Details of the game are in the following review:

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  • Game Theme

A colorful game, the theme brought in the Candy Blitz slot game is among other things the same as the name, which is candy. A lot of uniqueness in terms of images and visualization, explaining the crowd of falling candies, as if a candy party with amazing colors. Even the graphics used are good to make all players mesmerized by sweet things.

  • Candy Blitz RTP Value

Currently the RTP value of Candy Blitz is at a huge 96.08% including RANKED RTP. With benefits that are very easy for players to understand, because maxwin can be obtained up to x10,000 of the total winnings obtained.

  • Completeness of Game Features

For games with this cluster pay system, it is highly anticipated that the scatter appears as much as a minimum of 4 symbols or more. It can bring free spins with free spins of 4 scatter symbols bringing 10 free spins, 5 scater symbols bringing 12 free spins and 6 scatter symbols giving free spins 14 times. In these free spins there is a unique feature with one additional line in the room and it contains multipliers up to x500 appearing.

As expected by many players, Candy Blitz is the choice after sugar rush or sweet bonanza. This is a game with a high RTP slot value so the payout symbol is relatively good, for volatility it is at a HIGH level. So the chances of winning are getting higher and higher to go to maxwin as a potential big every day there is.

Candy Blitz Slot Game Symbols and Payouts

Candy Blitz as a game with good value, this is a golden opportunity to reap profits. And of course you have to know the symbol value and payment as well before starting gaming. For that, see the following review special for you all from our biggest slot site in Indonesia.

  • Candy Blitz Low Payout Symbols

In this reel there are a total of many symbols, with low payout values including candies with blue lines, which are a total of 8-9 appearances only paid 0.25x, and 30 appearances are only multiplied by 0.75x. then there are green square candies, ping candies, ping candies with white lines, then blue square candies, and green hexagram shapes with the highest value is this of 12-30 appearances paid x5.

  • High Paying Symbols

Covering the high payout values of Candy Blitz game symbols at nagasaon88 include star ping candies from 8-9 occurrences of x0.75 and 12+ occurrences of x5 symbols. Then the triangular yellow candy is up to X10 for 12-30 appearances. The highest is the red heart candy with a payout of 12-30 appearances reaching x50.

Candy Blitz has a special feature where players can buy free spins, with a purchase value of x100 of the total bet played. This purchase can be made repeatedly, for detailed information in this playing guide, you can enter the “I” menu in the game room, it is a menu to see all information related to this game. The minimum bet played in the game is only 100 rupiah, and without any maximum bet limit as you can.

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Play the game with a high chance of winning now, get the weekly bonus multiplier that is always there. Candy Blitz is a popular game and can be found on this site anytime and ready to play anywhere. It’s even better if you can immediately start spinning the product, of course by first registering with this site according to the following guidelines:
Open the site
Fill in all the required data:
Confirm password
Whatsapp Number
Select mobile banking account/E-wallet account
Fill in number and name according to banking/E-wallet data

All processes are safe, easy and ready to become a reliable player who brings home big profits and even maxwin every day. Just join and taste the sweetness of this latest pragmatic play Candy Blitz game!

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