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General information about the Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower

Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower is a fun slot game from Betsoft that drags players inside a luxury resort located right in Las Vegas. Here it will be possible to try one’s luck together with the daring landlord and in the company of some girls, perfectly made up and dressed to attend the super exclusive party! The provider decided to distinguish the slot game by activating as many as 60 paylines on a 5×4 grid, with high volatility and an RTP of 96.06%. Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower is a slot game that, from the very first glance, wants to take players into the glitzy and luxurious atmosphere of the mythical city of Las Vegas. One finds oneself, in particular, inside a luxury resort, where one can enter the casino room and try one’s luck.

General information about the Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower

The protagonists of the slot game on INDONESIA4D are Mr. Vegas, who stands out on the screen with his huge smile and blond forelock, and two girls who, presumably, have every intention of fully enjoying the evening of partying: the first is a stunning blonde, the second an elegant and captivating brunette. Large columns and a marble floor form the background, bringing out the gold and ivory tones. The frame of the reels is made of luminaries in full Las Vegas style, while icons depicting the main characters and various other gambling-related objects, such as dice, chips, and poker cards, can be seen on the wheels. To get a win on Mr. Vegas 2, you have to line up at least three icons of the same type. The only exception is the wild symbol, which pays only in groups of 5. Here are all the symbols and maximum payouts provided by the slot game:

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  1. Roulette Wild pays up to 13.3x.
  2. Vegas pays up to 13.3x.
  3. Blonde Girl pays up to 3.33x;
  4. Brown Girl pays up to 3.33x;
  5. Diamond pays up to 1.6x;
  6. Chips pay up to 1.2x;
  7. Red 7 pays up to 0.66x;
  8. Ace of diamonds pays up to 0.66x;
  9. Ace of spades pays up to 0.53x;
  10. Ace of Hearts pays up to 0.53x.


Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower slot bonus features

  • The Big Money Tower

This bonus unlocks an immediate prize and is triggered by 3 Big Money Tower symbols that can only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. The mini-game has three towers, one bronze, one silver, and one gold, each with increasing awards. The player must flip a coin and find out which prize he will have access to. If the coin lands on the Spin Again option, one climbs a step of the tower (thus increasing the prize) and continues to flip the coin until it lands on the “Collect” box.

  • Scatter and Free Spins

The game’s scatter symbol is the Las Vegas casino sign, and when it lands at least three times on wheels 2, 3, and 4, it gives access to the free spins bonus. The player can choose from three different free spin options. The first offers 10 free spins with sticky wilds; the second offers 12 free spins with expanding wilds; and the third offers 15 free spins with random wilds.

  • Stacked Mystery Symbols

Each reel contains mystery symbols that will be revealed at the end of the standard spin, transforming into one of the basic icons (with the exception, therefore, of the Big Money Tower and Scatter symbols).

  • Wild
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The wild symbol represents a roulette wheel and can appear anywhere on the game grid, increasing the chance of forming winning combinations and replacing standard symbols. If you form a payline with 5 Wilds, they will pay an amount equal to 13.3x the initial bet.

  • Buy Feature

You can voluntarily activate the 3 Free Spins bonuses, paying 23.40x for 10 free spins, 36.90x for 12 free spins, and 31.20x for 15 free spins, all with their respective bonuses.


Slots similar to Mr. Vegas 2: Money Tower

Some of the more interesting alternatives to Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower include:

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  2. Vegas Megaways by Big Time Gaming
  3. Invading Vegas by Play’nGo


Pros and cons of the Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower slot

Mr. Vegas 2 Money Tower is a Betsoft slot that, at first glance, might look slightly dated. This is due to 3D-like graphics that do not fully meet the provider’s standards of modernity, but on balance, the game is visually pleasing and perfectly in line with the idea of glitz and luxury that it wants to convey. In terms of internal gameplay, we can appreciate the presence of the extra bonus given by the Money Towers, which allows you to win an instant prize, as well as the possibility to choose between three different Free Spins modes. The paytable is not too high, so the biggest winnings occur precisely on the occasions of the bonus games. The bet range and paylines are satisfactory, allowing a wide variety of bets and strategies. The RTP slot game and volatility meet average industry standards, as does the maximum possible payout.

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