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Play Big Bass Crash Slot Demo by Pragmatic Play

The Big Bass Crash slot game from Pragmatic Play promises a fresh adventure. The fisherman has back, and he’s determined to inspect every inch of the watering hole this time. Place your bets, then the next, so you can start amassing large cash prizes. Cash out at any time to secure your winnings, but bear in mind that the net might break at any time, resulting in the loss of your current catch. Use the 50% Cash Out tool to save half of your existing gains, guaranteeing that even if the tide blows the fisherman off course, you still walk away with some cash. Are you a Crash Games fan who is tired of planes, hot air balloons, and spaceships?Why not bet on a boat tour? With the Big Bass Crash slot game, Pragmatic Play combines the successful Big Bass saga with the Crash game mode, which is currently very popular among enthusiasts. With an extremely simple layout, the game promises great fun and adrenaline in the perfect mini-game style. The RTP is calculated at 95.50%, and bets range from a minimum of €1 to a maximum of €100. Get your boots and fishing rods ready, because starting September 27th, many prizes will be baited up to a maximum of 5,000x per game!

Play Big Bass Crash Slot Demo by Pragmatic Play

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Theme and Graphics

As was easy to imagine, the Big Bass Crash slot game opens against the backdrop of a familiar lake, which fans of the Big Bass saga will certainly have explored several times. This time, however, instead of the usual semi-submerged reels, there is a small boat waiting for the players, ready to leave with its fishing nets. The screen is bisected by the waterline, and while the top shows a beautiful sunny day, underwater everything is more muffled, blurry, and colored in darker greens and blues. As the little boat walks, the background comes alive, showing small islands that give a convincing sensation of movement. The graphics are refined, detailed, and capable of keeping the flag of the saga flying.

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Bonus Features

The operation of the slot is very simple.

While the boat proceeds, below the water level, there are schools of fish totally unaware of the danger, which, depending on the players’ luck, could end up in the net and return a win. You have to make a bet and wait for the boat to leave. As the latter walks, a multiplier constantly increases; it is up to the player to withdraw the bet before the net breaks and the cargo is lost. The mechanism therefore perfectly reflects the dynamics of the most well-known Crash Games, with the dizzying rise of the reward that puts the players’ nerves to the test, increasing their adrenaline level. With this game, it is also possible to set automatic cashout functions (total or 50% of the amount) when certain figures are reached. There is also a live chat that allows you to share the adrenaline of the moment with fellow players.


Big Bass Crash Gameplay

  • In the betting phase, choose your bet level and click Bet.
  • When the betting phase is over, the fisherman will cast his line and begin catching fish.
  • The current bet multiplier will rise with each second that the internet is active.
  • At any moment, press Cash Out to safeguard your existing wins and terminate the round.


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Pros and cons of the Big Bass Crash Slot Game

If you love Crash Games, there’s no need to think about it. The Big Bass Crash slot game judisgp is definitely the game for you. In fact, it’s not often that you find mini games of this type that don’t involve plane crashes, and those that take up much-loved sagas and themes that are so well-known and appreciated are even rarer. Trying to predict the next crash always brings a unique emotion, and being able to find a balance between the desire for further rewards and caution is truly satisfying. Probably the only small flaw is the minimum bet of €1, a little too high compared to similar games but still absolutely adequate.

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