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Slot Games From Betsoft Set in Space Triple Cash or Crash

Slot Games From Betsoft Set in Space Triple Cash or Crash

Slot Games From Betsoft Set in Space Triple Cash or Crash

Triple Cash or Crash is an online slot game from Betsoft that was conceived in the style of Crash Games. This successful game type became very popular in 2022 and was inaugurated by Spribe’s iconic Aviator slot games . The fast-paced and potentially highly profitable betting style has been appreciated by many players, and this new game from provider Betsoft aims to offer as complete a schedule as possible, including this game type. RTP is 96%, and volatility is high. Triple Cash, or Crash, is a game set in outer space where players witness the launch of a rocket, and the longer the rocket stays airborne and visible on the screen, the higher the multiplier and potential winnings. The game is fast-paced, and you can enter a game session at any time, placing bets before the rocket takes off. Specifically, the game phases are as follows:

Place your bet: you can decide to join the game during the Takeoff Countdown and Next Launch phases, betting on one, two, or three astronauts and changing the value of each of the three bets with the directional buttons placed in plain sight on the screen.
Rocket Launch: A 3-second countdown announces that the rocket will take off and, therefore, the next game will begin. It starts the moment the rocket takes off. The player will see the multiplier value applied to his initial bet, and thus his potential winnings, keep increasing as long as the rocket remains visible on the screen.

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Collecting prizes: while the rocket is in flight, the prize associated with the currently achieved multiplier can be claimed at any time by clicking on the ‘Eject’ button, which causes the astronaut to be ejected from the rocket before the rocket crashes and ends its flight. If you wait too long and the rocket crashes, you will lose your original bet. The highest multiplier the rocket can reach is 100,000x. You can check the history of multipliers achieved in previous games by looking at the list at the bottom of the screen.

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Bonus Features of Triple Cash or Crash

The Crash slot games offer very intuitive and fast gameplay and have no built-in bonus games. However, some free gifts or extra prizes may be awarded by the operator hosting the game itself, offering fun bonuses on certain days of the week or during certain time slots. Extra bonuses vary from casino to casino and are not necessarily enabled by all operators.


Slot games similar to Triple Cash or Crash

  1. Aviator by provider Spribe;
  2. Spacemen by Pragmatic Play
  3. Meteoroid by provider Spinmatic

Crash games have become popular among casinos around the world due to the fact that they provide an adrenaline-pumping and, at the same time, potentially profitable gaming experience. Another thing in favor of this type of game is the speed of the games, which all take place within a minute or so (but sometimes only a few seconds). Triple Cash or Crash slot games are, visually, not as attractive as Spaceman from Pragmatic Play or Meteoroid from Spinmatic, but they allow up to three bets to be placed at the same time, which naturally gives the chance to collect up to three prizes per game. Moreover, this element allows for different betting strategies, allowing players to make sure that they recover their initial amount with the first astronaut and try to increase the prize with the next two. To be sure, the game is based on very high volatility, so a very quick click may not be enough. Sometimes the rocket crashes shortly after takeoff, while others remain in the air longer than expected.

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