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Starlight Princess 1000 is the hottest game of the week for sure

Starlight Princess 1000

Playing online slots sometimes requires patience, where everything leads to unlimited profits. Another thing that needs to be considered before playing is to do research from various sources, one of which is a real choice for victory is to choose to play in games that are hot. This is important while the benefits obtained can be real. The starlight princess 1000 game is one of the best options this week to reap maxwin profits.

Reviewing Pragmatic Play’s New Game: Starlight Princess 1000

Starlight princess 1000 is the flagship product of pragmatic play, in Indonesia it has started to be played too.
The basis of the game is on the spin of a 6×5 reel that pegs wins by appearing in 8 symbols as a sign of winning. The slot has a free spins bonus feature when the scatter appears 4 pieces, with a maximum win of x15,000 total bet earned. Here’s the starlight princess 1000 review:

  • Starlight princess 1000 slot game theme by pragmatic play

The magical theme is taken to add to the thrill of playing in a real fantasy, getting a chance with the lightning bolt of the princess as a win multiplier. The theme is brightened up with unique symbols, nuanced with the power, intelligence, and nobility of royalty. Unique and still supporting with fresh features bring players more excited to get free spins and full maxwin.

  • Soundtrack

The music that accompanies the game adds to the excitement, the tense feel with 80s electric music makes the theme of the game seem full of mystery. This is a classic realistic treat but still more interesting.
Anxiety will arise in the player, but will give a happy shout when the starlight princess 1000 as the main role gives her power lightning. Bring up multipliers and in more varied multiplication, ranging from 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 50x, 75x, to reach maxwin 500x full potential appears in the spin.

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How to Play Starlight Princess 1000 Slot Game

Starting this game is easy and very simple, the advanced and cool features in the latest online slot pragmatic can be reached by all novice players. Even pragmatic play also provides a demo account in order to make players understand the procedures as well as enjoy the game before using real money. In more detail, how to play can check the following:

  • Enter the Slot Game Room

After opening the game and the room is in sight, precisely in your browser screen. This will be easy to do, make sure the balance is there and please set the bet directly in the left corner, the minimum bet for each spin is 100 rupiah.

  • Functional Menu

If you want to know how much the payout value is on each symbol, then just click the “information/(i)” button in the game menu.
Start the game

  • Press the spin/start button to start the spin,

you can choose the fast spin/turbo spin mode, or the medium setting by activating in the menu before playing. Then you can also choose automatic spin with a choice of at least 30 spins to 500 more spins will automatically rotate the game.

A simple way to play, victory can also be achieved if in the room there are the same symbols falling as many as 8 pieces. Then it will be calculated directly according to the number of appearances and multiplied by the amount of bet that is being played. This is easy and every round there is a possibility to fall more of the same symbol and maxwin bigger.

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Symbols and Payouts

Symbols and payments can be said to be part of the standard payment symbol slot, because this starlight princess 1000 slot contains free spins with 15 free spins. And this free spin feature can be purchased with a value of 100x the total bet. For symbols and payments, you can check for yourself including the following:

  • Red star pendant

This is the highest with a pay value of 12 symbol appearances x100, and 8 symbol appearances x20

  • Pendan queen yellow heart in the middle

This is the second highest with a payout value of 12 x50 symbol appearances and 8 x5 symbol appearances

  • Crescent moon pendant

The value of 12 symbol appearances x30, and 8 minimum symbol appearances x4

  • Star pendant

The value of the appearance of 12 symbols x24 with 8 symbols appearing minimum pay x3
The lowest value is in the yellow gemstone pendant with x4 for 12-30 symbols appearing, and 8-9 symbols appearing only x0.5 of the total bet.

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