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The theme of the slot is Zeus vs Hades Gods of War.

Welcome to the mythical world of the gods of ancient Greece with Zeus vs Hades Gods of War, a video slot game produced by Pragmatic Play. The gods face each other on a game grid consisting of 5 rollers and 15 payment lines, allowing bets ranging from € 0.10 up to a maximum of € 100. The three different bonus functions, together with the possibility of obtaining up to 10 free laps with a multiplier up to 100x, make the game dynamic and rich in suspense. With a maximum victory of 15,000 times the episode and an RTP of 96.07%, Zeus vs Hades Gods of War promises intense emotions and generous prizes. However, it must be considered that the game involves high volatility.

The theme of the slot is Zeus vs Hades Gods of War.

Theme and graphics Zeus vs Hades Gods of War

Immerse yourself in the fascinating mythological world of Zeus vs Hades Gods of War, an epic clash in which Zeus faces each other, the king of the gods and dominator of Mount Olympus, and Hades, the dark divinity of the Oltretomba. This captivating slot game offers you the opportunity to choose between two engaging game modes, each with its own unique atmosphere: you can opt for the dark depths governed by Hades, with incandescent symbols and an underground setting, or ascend to the bright heights of Olympus, where the rollers shine with a blue light in the clouds, the temple, and the lightning. The detail of the graphics and the richness of the sound effects perfectly capture the essence of the myth, while the soundtrack changes tone according to the chosen mode: melodic and calm for Olympus, more intense and dramatic for the kingdom of Hades. This well-made duality demonstrates Pragmatic Play’s ability to create a customized game experience that meets the different preferences of the players.

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Bonus functions

Wild expanded with multipliers: in every game mode, whether of Olympus or ADE, there is an Expanding Wild symbol represented by the respective logo. This symbol, which can manifest itself on all the rollers, expands vertically to cover the entire roller whenever one appears during the base game or the free spins function. Not only that, a random multiplier is also attributed, which can take the values: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x, or 100x. This multiplier applies to all the winning combinations that include the wild symbol. If there are more wild symbols in the same winning combination, multipliers are added.

Free Spins: The free laps function is activated with the appearance of the scatter symbol, which is represented by a different color temple depending on the slot game mode chosen. Three scatter symbols guarantee 10 free laps. During this bonus, any Expanding Wild symbol that manifests itself expands, acquires a random multiplier, and remains blocked on the roller until the end of the bonus. This function is not reactivable.

Bonus purchase: there is the possibility of purchasing access to the free spins function for a cost of 150 times the episode in Olympus mode or 300 times in Hades mode. In addition, an option is available in both game modes for a cost of 600 times the episode, which ensures a wild symbol is expandable from the beginning of the slot game djarumtoto.


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Zeus vs Hades Gods of War of Pragmatic Play undoubtedly promises an exciting slot game experience. Its theme linked to Greek mythology is fascinating and carefully represented through detailed and engaging graphics. With its very high volatility, it offers players the opportunity to create significant winnings thanks to its bonus functions, such as the Wild expansion with multipliers and free laps, but the same could be awaited for a long time. The possibility of choosing between two game modes, Olympus or Hades, adds a further layer of personalization to the sessions, allowing players to adapt the experience to their tastes. Finally, with an RTP of 96.07% and a maximum potential victory of 15,000 times the episode, Zeus vs Hades Gods of War offers a perfect balance between fun and winning potential, making it an unmissable slot game for fans of the genre. The theme of this slot game is Greek mythology; more precisely, it focuses on the conflict between Zeus, the king of the gods and lords of Mount Olympus, and Hades, the sovereign of the underworld. The slot game offers two game modes, respectively, representing Zeus’ Olympus and Hell of Hades. The bonus functions of Zeus vs Hades Gods of War are mainly two. The first is the Wild expansion with multipliers, in which Wild symbols can expand to fill an entire roller and bring with them a random multiplier that can significantly increase winnings. The second bonus function is that of the free laps, which is activated when three scatter symbols appear. During the free laps, the wild symbols that appear expand, receive a multiplier, and remain on the roller until the end of the bonus function. Players who are not residents of the United Kingdom also have the opportunity to purchase access to the free spins function.

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